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The Morph Alpha is the suggested option for foam roller veterans and 1st-time foam roller users who prefer a deep massage and need more pressure on chronic trigger-points. The Alpha features Brazyn's patented "nub" shape designed to penetrate deeper into muscles to relieve muscle knots.

The Morph Bravo is the newest addition to the Brazyn family of Foam Rollers! It offers a smoother rolling surface for a more traditional foam rolling feel. It's multi-level foam surface still helps to isolate knots in the muscles, but it is less intense than the Morph Alpha.


The Morph can hold up to 350lbs (160 kgs)! Make sure the support disks are fully upright before use and you can roll with confidence!


It's as simple as Pull and Push. Here's a quick guide to get you rolling.

1. To open, grab the drawstring pullers on both ends and simultaneously pull on both until The Morph expands completely. You'll know it's open all the way when both end disks meet the u-shaped stopper wires.

2. To collapse, locate the push symbols on both of the Outside Support Disks. Push firmly on this symbol until the roller collapses all the way flat.

We also offer additional user information on your Instructions/Disclaimer pamphlet included in the box.


Like...really flat. Below are the Morph's dimensions. For more information about the specifications, please visit The Morph product page.


Foam color does not designate any change in foam density. The Alpha models feature medium-high density and the Bravo models feature medium-low density.

We describe The Morph's foam density as having a Goldilocks quality--not too hard and not too soft...just right. Perfect for the first-time foam roller user and the foam rolling veteran alike.

Our Scratch & Dent products are 100% operational items that have small, superficial blemishes. These are purely cosmetic—they simply did not meet our quality standards. These items will only rotate in stock for a limited time after we do quality control of batches of inventory.

The TALON Massager is shipping starting in MID-STEPEMBER 2022. You can pre-order your TALON (at a discount!) before our first in-stock date.

FLiPBENCH is currently undergoing a re-design and is not currently available for pre-order. The official launch date is still TBD, but here's what you get to look forward to!


The following Brazyn products are latex-free and are safe for use by latex-sensitive individuals:

We are currently also offering our Resistance Bank Kits which have latex bands which are not recommended for individuals with an allergy to the material.

We certainly do our best here! We use 90% sustainable packaging materials, source responsibly, and use eco-conscious materials like aluminum and bamboo to make our products. While we aren't yet carbon neutral, we strive to meet this goal year over year.

All of our products include a sturdy booklet containing how-to-use guides and exercise routines. If you join our mailing list, you will also have access to exclusive content including full workouts, new exercises, and educational tidbits about recovery prodcuts.



We offer a 1-Year Limited Warranty for our products.

This Warranty Excludes:

  • normal wear and tear
  • damage caused by accident, improper use of the item, abuse, mishandling, or transport
  • damage caused by improper storage
  • items where a dated proof of purchase cannot be provided
  • items purchases through an unauthorized dealer

For claims, please reach out to us at with a photo of the damaged product, your order number/proof of purchase, and a shipping address.

We offer a 30-Day trial period for our products during which time we can accept your order back for a full refund or an exchange for a product of the same value. We'll even pay for the shipping because we want to make sure you're taken care of.

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Yes indeed! We ship to most countries in the world with the exception of regions where we do not yet have a shipping solution. To determine if your country is included, please look for you country on the shipping page at checkout.

Delivery times are between 10-30 days, depending on international local couriers.

Please note that shipping prices do not include Customs, Duty, Taxes, or any other importing fees.

For US orders containing 1-2 products, we use USPS Priority. For larger orders, we use FedEx Home Delivery. International couriers are dependent on local courier services.

When we are on backorder we can certainly still take your order! When you place your order with us during these brief out-of-stock periods (typically 1-2 weeks), we create a backorder shipping list and ship out orders in chronological order as soon as we're back in stock. Please check the product page for back-in-stock dates.

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